William E. (Bill) McBride -- Writer, Artist, Speaker

Bill McBride, a retired resident of San Jose, California, is happy to report that on April 20, 2021, he signed a Book Publishing Contract for his book. 

It's possible this book (See Below) will be on store shelves and on Amazon Kindle by September or October.  Bill McBride has lived in San Jose since the Summer of 2009. 

McBride is a Motivational Speaker,  Creative Writer,  and a Painterly Artist.  He is a native of the Northwestern Arkansas Ozarks growing up in the Fifties and Sixties. 

Bill received his High School diploma in 1968 from the public schools at Pea Ridge, Arkansas.  Born in early August of 1950,  William Eugene McBride lived within 1/2 block of a church and the neighborhood railway tracks. 

Before his third birthday his family moved 10 miles away out into a secluded countryside area.  Three families lived on his road, each family about 1/2 mile away. 

The new place is now a rural area of Garfield, Arkansas.  Seligman, Missouri is about 4 miles away and Gateway, Arkansas is 2.5 miles away.i

William Eugene McBride is currently working on several works of Nonfiction.   His first book is about how rampant Evil is as it exists in our world of the second decade of the 21st Century.   This book is titled, "The Root Of All EVIL."   Over 250 examples of evil are listed and some are explained in detail.

Bill's publisher, BookTrail Agency of Kansas City, Missouri, has already created a book ISBN number, is working on the cover design and believes Galley Pages should be available for his viewing and correction before mid-July of 2021.

---  Last Edited on May 25, 2021

I'm very excited about a new book I'm writing, and value your suggestions and input.   With your permission,  I'd love to have your best email address.  This is so I can keep you informed  about the progress of my book.  Thank you. 

 I attempt to identify the dozens of People,  Events, Situations,  and Factors which one may decide is "....The Root of All Evil."  I have over 250 Examples going from A to Z.   

This is not.only a book of lists, but will include some Humorous / Tragic life events.   Also how various people from across the nation influenced the life of a former Onzarks Hillbilly.   My hope is that this book will become your "Favorite Bathroom Reader Book."



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